Cruise Forward


Moving forward responsibly with real accountability
to passengers and crewmembers.


  • In addition to wages, Crewmembers receive
    free medical treatment, room and board –
    and the opportunity to explore the world

  • 80%

    Crewmember retention rates exceed 80 percent

  • Crew on board cruise ships undergo
    extensive, continuous training

  • Cruise lines often receive up to 100
    applications for each job opening

  • Crewmembers are encouraged to obtain
    education and training focused on
    honing work skills for career advancement


Cruise lines employ a truly global workforce, gathered from every corner of the planet. We strive to provide a high-quality work environment for our crewmembers, including ongoing training, career advancement and an unparalleled opportunity to travel the world.


Knowledge is power. And safety.


Q. What does the cruise industry offer prospective crewmembers?

A. A lot.

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