Environmental Stewardship

Regardless of where you live the state of our oceans and natural environment have a tremendous impact on your day-to-day life. Explore the stories below to see our industry’s initiatives to preserve and protect the pristine oceans, beaches and ports our ships visit and reduce cruising’s environmental impact.
  • Cruise Industry Celebrates World Water Week 2013

    To mark World Water Week 2013 from September 1- 6 in Stockholm, the cruise industry is showcasing its year-long water conservation and efficiency efforts, as cruise ships utilize cutting-edge technology and progressive policies to ensure the preservation of the waters they sail upon.

    For example, Disney Cruise Lines reroutes excess heat generated in the ships’ engine boilers to efficiently power evaporators, which turn sea water into drinkable water. Crystal Cruises uses reverse osmosis plants to create its own usable water onboard. Approximatelyy 30% of fresh water used on-board Holland America Line ships is made from seawater through the use of waste heat, boilers, or reverse osmosis units

    Many ships urge passengers to practice water conservation on their own terms during their stays onboard.  Some lines are even helping passengers and scientists understand the ocean world better by providing them with vital scientific information. Carnival Cruise Lines’ water monitoring devices on some of their ships help environmental groups, governmental agencies and universities study and assess ocean pollution, weather patterns and global climate change.

    As an industry that would not exist without healthy oceans, cruising is making a big splash in leading the way for water conservation and efficiency throughout the world. To find out more about this, check out this infographic featuring information from various cruise lines.

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