Cruise lines are moving full speed ahead to turn the vacations of more than 20 million passengers each year into meaningful change around the globe. Across oceans, rivers and waterways, cruise lines offer travelers a safe, healthy and enjoyable experience that also delivers significant economic benefits, supports community organizations and causes, and safeguards the oceans and environment

Port Canaveral Plans $587 Million Cruise Development Program

Planning to capitalize on an expanding cruise market in the region, Florida’s Port Canaveral will begin a $587 million development program this year to construct a new terminal and cargo facility. The port hopes to accommodate the region’s growing tourist demand for the cruise industry.

While many cruise passengers already depart from Port Canaveral, this new construction will provide them with state-of-the-art amenities – creating jobs during the building phase and bringing more tourists to Florida for years to come. Find out more about Port Canaveral’s plans for growth here

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